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Review: Romans- Nothing Much to Offer

Romans Malayalam Movie Review:

Boban Samuel’s second directorial venture, Romans, fails to touch the expectations on the Ordinary duo.  The plot reminds us of many Bollywood and regional movies of all time. And the core of the movie is directly lifted from the Hollywood blockbuster We're No Angels starring Robert Deniro and Sean Penn. So Romans has nothing new to offer, except some funny moments by the leading actors, Biju Menon & Kunchacko Boban. 

 It is the story of two thieves who escape from a train while they are being transported to  jail.  They reach a village lies between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There, they disguise themselves as two priests who have been ordained from Rome. The story takes a same old twist there and the rest is somewhat predictable. 

Biju Menon and Kunchacko Boban, who are the leading cast, have done a commendable job, but failed to raise a poor script from the pits. The pair has good chemistry on the screen. But the pretty heroine is just like a piece of cucumber on the dish, as in many other movies. She, Niveda Thomas, doesn’t have much to do in the plot. Her character is easily forgettable. 

Romans is far better than Boban Samuel’s debut movie, Jayasurya starrer Janapriyan. But not something holds the spectator. The pair which worked well in Sugeeth’s  Ordinary, has a capability to pull the audience to box-office. Especially Biju Menon has an identity of a promising versatile actor. That’s why Romans is getting mixed responses. People come to watch, what their favourite stars does in this new avatar. But the climax is commendable. It really tries to poke the blind beliefs of human beings.  People always need somebody to adorn as god. Even if it is a thief or murderer, they don't care. Then why there is a case against Biju Menon & Kunchacko Boban? People are not sensible as we think. That's it.

Even though  Romans is a mix of pointless humour, age old adventures, clichéd story line and a predictable flow, we will get some moments of fun.  When comes to the box-office verdict, Romans fall in to the category of an average movie. You can watch it once for Biju Menon & Kunchacko Boban. 

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