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Da Thadiya- A Usual Story with Something Interesting

Da Thadiya Malayalam Movie Review :
 Aashiq Abu’s latest attempt, Da Thadiya is not an extraordinary cinematic experience. It is an ordinary movie with an old theme wrapped under some fresh colours. The movie talks about the complexes of people which make them insecure in their state of living. Some people worry about their colour, height, looks and a thousand other factors. This turns their wheels to a damn mud road. Then some frauds will pop up and start to fish from their insecure feelings. At a point, when they start to wipe it off, things will become the finest. Thadiyan in the movie is a winner. As the catch line, Prakasham Parakkatte ( Let The Light Flood), says, life should not be limited to something. It should be a means to spread light where ever possible. 

Work-wise, the movie is well captured and presented with a unique style. Casting and other technicalities fit well. Especially Thadiyan (Shekhar Menon). But it lacks a charm that Aashiq Abu’s audience expect. Basically it is a clichéd thread. But filmmaker’s craft has turned the dial to add a fresh flavour to it and it works. That is evident in the climax scene. It breaks the age old expectations of an average spectator.

Nivin Pauly’s  Rahul Vaidyan is simply the replica of many Jagathiyan characters. The storyline also reminds many other similar attempts. Even though there are some interesting moments in the movie which makes it worth watching.

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