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Django Unchained – A True Tarantino Effect

Django Unchained Hollywood Movie Review :

Django Unchained is an untold tale of Django’s (Jamie Foxx), journey, to get back his Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), with the help of Dr. Schultz (Christoph Waltz), a dentist-turned-bounty hunter. The journey takes them ultimately to the world of Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). But at the end, Django is left alone to decide and design his destiny. And he does.  

Django Unchained is what exactly you expect from the master weaver, Quentin Tarantino, who has penned and directed a number of classics like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Inglourious Bastards. It reminds you of a The Good, the Bad and the Ugly kind of experience. A well scripted, well shot and well-presented stuff. That is the briefest definition that comes to mind all of a sudden. 

 As in Tarantino’s other flicks, Django’s story also has the best background score and it holds the whole mood of the movie with fluctuations when it is needed.

Django Unchained is a period story which happens two years before the American Civil War of 1860. As the name suggests, it is the story of a slave who chose freedom.  The dark era in Southern America with its all brutalities is presented in this. Django was a slave and German bounty hunter sets him free. Then Django becomes, Django Freeman. Remember, the D is in eternal silence. 

 The name Django was frequently used in the 1960s for ruthless revenge heroes in Italian westerns.  It colloquially means a stylish man.  Tarantino’s Django is extra-ordinarily brave and stylish. And you will witness it in the climax scenes. 

We always say that our people are our primary enemies.  And this unwritten theory gets proved in Django Unchained.  The dark, old Stephen is the one who brings out all the miseries to Django, Broomhilda and the good-hearted German. He doesn't even like the sight of Django on the horse. Stephen calls him a nigger (black man), even after he understands Django's identity as a freeman. But when the wheels fall on the right track, Django’s game begins. All the other major characters leave the plot very early and Django and Broomhilda are left to play the rest. Of course old Stephen is also there to welcome Django again.

 As you expect, this movie has all the Tarantino elements like adventure, action, style and bloodshed. The dialogues are apt and delivered at the best moments.  Casting is commendable. Especially, Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as the charming Mississippi aristocrat, the talkative villain of the plot. Rough faced Jamie Foxx fits well in Django avatar. Christoph Waltz keeps the balance of the plot as the German bounty hunter.  Kerry Washington is not appearing on the screen very often. But she is the soul reason behind Django’s journey.

Django Unchained is a powerful film with all the actions and reactions in a bloody way. But we accept the way Tarantino lets his hero to react . Because we were witnessed the brutal funs of the divinely ordained Whites. So the revenge is needed and Django takes it with style.The movie exhibits the outbreak of the oppressed. The violent climax, where the black destroys whites, has the tone of a prelude of the Civil War. 

When comes to state a verdict, Django Unchained is a true classic.Ultimately it is a Quentin Tarantino movie with a clear signature. And it engages you in every spin of the reel.

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