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Take Off - A Milestone in Malayalam Cinema History

Take Off, the debut project of director Mahesh Narayanan, is a well-made movie tightly packed with deep and genuine emotions. It is the movie’s emotional intensity that defeats Akshay Kumar starrer Airlift which dealt with almost the same theme. Take off has in it all the ingredients in the perfect proportion. The plot is based on the evacuation of Malayalee nurses from Iraq in 2014. It is a thriller and an intense family drama at the same time.

The vital force behind the compactness of the storytelling in the movie is the fact that the debutant director is an acclaimed editor too. He knows his stuff, i.e., where to cut, where to paste and what to throw away.

Parvathy stole the show with her genuine and intense performance! Not any actress in the present day Malayalam film industry can perfectly replace her for this role. Though a whole lot of other characters, including the much sought-after Fahadh Faasil and Kunchacko Boban, are there in the movie, she is the one who leads the movie.Technical and artistic brilliance is the key factor that helped the movie in its smooth take off.

Gopi Sundar's background score reminds us of the Vangelis' world famous 'Conquest of Paradise' theme. The over dramatic rescue of Kunchacko Boban's character from an IS camp is a bit filmy and will drive home to our mind the climax scene of Mani Ratnam's Roja.

Those minor distractions aside, Take Off will certainly give you the feeling that Malayalam movies can handle such serious plots effectively and convincingly. Yes, you are absolutely right. This is a milestone in Malayalam film industry. Hats off.

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Raai Laxmi (Lakshmi Rai) - Latest Hot & Sexy Photo Collection

Raai Laxmi aka Lakshmi Rai is one of the glamorous actresses in South India.She predominantly appears in Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films. She made her debut in Bollywood with the film Julie 2 (2017). Raai has completed over a decade in the film industry, acting over 50 films in multiple languages. Apart from acting she is a model and one of the most wanted item dancers in South Indian films. Her latest hit in item number category is Hara Hara Mahadev Ki in Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva.

Review: Angamaly Diaries – Pellissery Magic!

This is what we like the most about Lijo Jose Pellissery! After the disastrous Double Barrel, the wildest spoof that Malayalam cinema has ever seen, he doesn’t try to be another Sathyan Anthikkad or Vineeth Sreenivasan. 

Lijo’s latest release, Angamaly Diaries, is a wonderful attempt to focus on the culture of Angamaly, the city in Ernakulam where the movie happens. Based on the script by Chemban Vinod, Lijo tried to portray every possible cultural identity of Angamaly and its people with utmost sincerity and observation. The most adventurous thing about the movie is its cast. He introduced more than 80 debutants including the hero and heroines. It is really amazing to say that none of his selection has failed on screen. 
There is nothing absolutely new about the story of Angamaly Diaries. We have seen similar elements aplenty in movies like Kammattippaadam. It is the craft, the style in which these familiar elements are presented, that makes the movie a non-ordinary one. Angamaly Diaries gets unfolded through the point of view of Vincent Peppe, the protagonist. The story of his growth into a local Angmaly guy who falls prey to his atmosphere. Vincent and his friends don’t have any criminal intentions, but due to the sudden and thoughtless actions, they land up in trouble. 
But the movie is not at all a tear-jerker and it ends on a happy note.  And you will definitely love it! All the characters are moulded with identity and soul. They are original. They just behave as if in their real lives. Even the villains are not exactly villains! The music used in the background and the lyrics really helped to add a local flavour to the movie. Angles, flow of the camera and editing helped a lot the movie achieve its desired effect. It is a well-made flick which reflects the magic touch of a master craftsman.

Keerthy Suresh- Cute Pictures

Keerthy Suresh

Keerthy Suresh is a leading actress in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films.
She is the daughter of Malayalam producer Suresh Kumar and Malayalam actress Menaka. Keerthy made her debut as a child actress in the early 2000s and, after graduating in fashion design, she returned to do lead roles. She played her first lead role in the 2013 Malayalam film Geethaanjali and has signed up films in Tamil and Telugu films as well. Remo, Bairavaa etc. are her recent hits. Today she is one among the cutest actresses of South Indian cinema.

Let's see some cute, beautiful and hot pictures and wallpapers of Keerthy Suresh.

Veeram: When Macbeth Meets Chanthu

Malayalam movie Veeram review 


When Jayaraj took the herculean task to tell Chanthu's story the major challenge before him was Vadakkan Veeragaatha, the magnum opus of MT- Hariharan team. But still, Jayaraj took a chance and tried to give a novel tint to the old saga. Jayaraj’s Chanthu  is a cheat, as it is  presented in Vadakkanpattu (folksongs in the Malabar region which sing about the Kalari warriors). It was indeed a great thought to compare the story of Chanthu and to Shakespeare's epic play Macbeth. But this attempt levied huge responsibilities and a few limitations upon the director. 

The use of Malabar slang is the cynosure of Veeram. The dubbing artists did a commendable job in this regard. The costumes and visual richness also add to the glory of the movie. Scenes of the love making, the sight of well-built warriors who remind us of the Hollywood movie 300, ravishing women like Kuttimaani aesthetically enrich the movie. 
Despite all these strong points, Veeram still has a lot of chinks in its armour. It gave too much focus on visual beauty, technical perfection and costumes and make ups at the cost of presenting the core of the characters and their transformations in a convincing way. Jayaraj clearly did not work on the script to unleash its possibilities and to build the story and characters with ample stuff. 
Though he tried to inject Macbeth into Chanthu and it didn't work well. Most of the performances including that of the lead actor Kunal Kapur, who enacted Chanthu, are not up to the mark. Veeram boasts about Kalarippayattu, Kerala's own martial art, but, fails to visualise it effectively. Since Keralites have an evergreen classic to compare, Jayaraj could've approached the plot with more focus. Even the BGM which was long-listed for Oscars is not able to enliven the drama on screen. 
The costumes, make up and background and the slang​ in the movie are not at all synced. And it gives the feel of a usual dubbed movie which just speaks in our tongue but tells the story of some other places. The director might have used it intentionally to give a varied perspective to the run off the mill ideas and prejudices of the viewers. In that sense the movie tries to aesthetically deconstruct the historical aspect and facts. 

In short, Veeram lacks a perfect sync and focus which were vital for such a classic idea.