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Review : Kammath And Kammath- Another Disaster from the Super Star

Kammath And Kammath Malayalam Movie Review :

Mammootty is back to his flop station with yet another good for nothing movie, Kammath and Kammath, directed by Tomson K Tomas.  According to the makers, it is a fun packed action flick. But in reality, the movie is not at all a fun for those who have paid for a seat in the box office.  

The movie has the same masala being used by script writers Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas for a long time. Usually there won’t be anything worth watching in their movies. And Kammath doesn’t break that legacy. 

Mammootty and Dileep appear in the movie as two Kammath brothers, who have their roots in Goa. As in many other Mammootty films, Kammath also offers a play of  slang. Rima Kallingal and  Karthika are the heroines in the movie.  Kammath Brothers' relation with these sisters and the problems that follow, weave the main plot.  

Story and narrative style are not attractive and new. Dhanush’s cameo appearance and Dileep-Baburaj team's comedy numbers offer something interesting. As usual the heroines are limited in their character depth and work as add on to the movie. But both the heroines have attempted their respective roles with perfection. But Mammootty doesn’t deserve any applause. His character is simply the replica of some other same category characters played by him before. It is Dileep and Baburaj, who lead the clich├ęd and boring plot to a level which is tolerable and interesting to a certain extend.

Kammath and Kammath marks another disaster in the ageing screen life of Mammootty. He fails again pathetically in choosing the right subjects and characters. It is a shame that a super star who has 3 national awards in his account, still selects stories and characters which even a beginner won’t accept. 

When it comes to the verdict, Kammath and Kammath is not recommended for a serious film goer and people who love worth watching movies. But people who expect time pass and little bit of fun can attempt it. Dileep and Baburaj are there to fulfil your need.

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