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Bavuttiyude Namathil- In The Name Of Same Old Bavutty (Review)

Bavuttiyude Namathil Malayalam Movie Review :
Ranjith is one among the few filmmakers in Malayalam, who can pull the audience into box office. He is a treasury of stories and characters. This genius has penned a variety of characters and framed a number of memorable films. But don’t expect that magic in Bavuttiyude Namathil, written and produced by Ranjith. Even though the movie is directed by G.S Vijayan, Bavutty has the identity of a Ranjith’s film among the regular moviegoers.   It is a same old story repeated many times. Nothing novel is there to catch our attention. Especially Mammootty’s character, Bavutty, is an unpolished repetition of numberless characters embodied by the actor himself. Yeah, the same wide hearted man with unfathomable humanity and goodness.  

When talking about the plus points of the movie, Kavya Madhavan demands a special recognition. She has given soul to Vanaja. Since Kavya has the privilege to use her own slang (Neeleswaram) and voice, the character shines on the screen. It made her more comfortable and that reflects on the ease of acting. Her body language has also moulded in certain way to fit in the role.

All the other characters including Shankar Ramakrishnan, Kaniha, Vineeth, Harisree Asokan etc. have played their role with maximum life. First half is really interesting and we will fall in the rhythm. But second half really fails to keep that momentum. Clich├ęd scenes and dialogues kill the plot. 

Title song is good enough to turn our ear drums. Some sequences also pop up in the movie with unique aesthetic identity. 

When comes to the verdict, Bavuttiyude Namathil is a worth watching movie. But never expect anything extraordinary. It is a simple movie and you will never get bored.

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