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Natural Ways to Get Large and Well Shaped Breasts

Perfect shaped breasts can make a girl prettier and confident. Sadly many princesses lack perfect sized and shaped breasts. Hormonal imbalance is one of the common reasons which results in small breasts. Excessive production of testosterone in the female body decelerates  the growth of breasts.

Surgeries or pills are not the best solution to have fuller and enhanced breasts. You can go for inexpensive and healthy natural remedies to increase breast size. Chest exercises are really helpful to increase the bust size. Some food items also help in the breast tissues growth. There are some creams available in the market to increase the bust size naturally through regular massage. For the time being let’s read about some food items which are really effective in increasing your breast size naturally.

Foods to follow to increase your breast size:

1.      Have fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in estrogen levels, to reduce the production of testosterone.

2.      Include grains like barley, brown rice and oats etc. in your daily food intake.

 3.  Chicken is rich in estrogen. So include chicken also in the list. But don’t use chicken daily.

4.     Since dairy products such as milk and yogurt are rich in estrogen add these items also in the list.

 5. Beans and peas like Chickpeas, kidney beans, red beans, black-eyed-peas, split peas, parsley,    Lima beans and lentils are rich in estrogen content.

 6. Green leafy vegetables and food rich in proteins and vitamins improve the growth of breast  tissues. Asparagus, beetroot, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, legumes, carrots, onion, cucumber and pumpkin are some examples.

7. Eggs, protein shakes, fish, meat and milk are also protein food to enhance breast size.

8. Cherries, strawberries and blueberries are estrogen rich fruits.

9. Apple, walnuts, almonds, pears, mussels, corn, ginger, garlic, prawns and brown rice are foods rich in bromine and manganese. These factors can increases the production of sex hormones in the body. So include these foods to increase breast size naturally.

10. Avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks, salty and junk food etc. to keep your body and breasts healthy. Drink plenty of water every day. Have sesame seeds to increase breast size. 

Besides these food habits, exercise regularly by pushing the breasts against the wall or floor for breast enlargement.

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