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Review: Lokpal – Not a Thrilling Thriller

 Lokpal Malayalam Movie Review:

After the tremendous success of Run Babby Run, Mohanlal- Joshiy team is back with another flick, Lokpal. This time Joshiy- S.N Swamy team is back with a thriller. But unfortunately the movie fails to thrill the audience.  The movie is all about an ordinary man who has an unknown extraordinary face. People call that face, Lokpal.

Lokpal is the story of an ordinary restaurant owner who has a different mission. He reacts against the corruption around him. But in disguise.  He takes up different avatars to loot the money of the corrupt people. This is the basic plot. Now, let me say the movies coming into your mind.  Shankar’s Gentleman and Indian will be there for sure. The basic thread is the same. But when comes to Lokpal, the thread lacks all the interesting elements. The climax also disappoints the expectations. So lesson one, never expect anything.

S.N Swamy has created a below average script for Lokpal. It lacks the magic to glue the audience on the narrative flow. Most of the scenes and dialogues are clichéd and inappropriate.  It was really a herculean task for Joshiy to convert a weak script to a watchable flick. Since the theme and script has nothing new to offer, Lokpal fails to please the audience. Technical side has reached to standard. But the movie remains half-baked.

When comes to the performance part, Mohanlal makes the character, whatever it is, perfect. But Lokpal doesn’t utilize the acting talents of such a great actor. His various avatars and scenes are completely unrealistic. Kavya Madhavan is the female lead in the movie. She looks pretty as always and does justice to her character. But Kavya doesn’t have much to do in it. Meera Nandan’s character is easily forgettable. Shammy Thilakan and Manoj K Jayan are stealing attention.

As the chapter of verdict comes, Lokpal is a onetime watch.  Go to the box office for Lokpal, if you don’t expect anything.

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