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Review : Dracula 2012- Vinayan Makes Us Laugh Again

Dracula 2012 Malayalam Movie Review :

Limitless technology becomes limited when creativity is absent. Vinayan's latest big budget horror flick Dracula 2012 leaves this piece of thought. This three dimensional movie is a disaster in it's every single point. Only the terrific look of Sudheer demands a mention. The rest is intolerable. 

Dracula comes to Kerala in search of his lost love. That is the basic plot of this Malayalam speaking Dracula. And the cinematic version of this one line plot marks it as one of the worst movies we have ever come across. 

Vinayan's Dracula is based on a complete faulty script. It lacks order and odour.  Dialogues are beyond the dramatic label. Even the senior actors like Thilakan, Nassar, Prabhu etc. are failed live in a poor script. Fresh faces, including the hero and heroine , are just waste in every sense. Young actresses are just to serve a sensuous feast for the audience. 

Dracula 2012 delivers a poor 3D experience. All the expenses invested to bring Hollywood extravaganza were gone in vain. In normal theatres, the 3D effect doubles the worstness of the film.

Other technical aspects like cinematography,art direction, editing, dubbing, visual and sound effects etc. are not appealing at all. Background score goes in other track which never blends with the scenes. 

Poor Dracula. At last a Malayali director has converted him into laughing stock. Even Sudheer doesn't have much to perform. He has to make some ghostly sound effects and gestures in every now and then. A rotten script can't offer more. 

Verdict : This movie is not even recommended for a one time watch. But if you want to see Sudheer's Dracula look and some masala, choose the nearest box office at your own risk. 

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