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Aby- A Fuelless Take Off

A brief review on Malayalam movie Aby:

From the burners of controversies and legal battles regarding the plot and script, finally, Aby made a smooth take off. Written by the acclaimed writer Santhosh Echikkanam and directed by debutant Srikant Murali, Aby was able to create an initial frenzy among movie buffs. But, to be frank, the Vineeth Sreenivasan starrer is a run-off- the mill plot.

The story is about a special boy who dreams about flying in the sky ever since his early childhood. Don’t get confused with Siddharth Siva’s recent flick Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho, though the dream of flying is common to both the films. The plot of the film may drive home to your mind Jayasurya’s David & Goliath, too!

Our Aby is so innovative and talented. But, his father doesn’t value his talent. (Now, you may be thinking of our Aadu Thoma in Sphadikam!) And the story goes on with all the usual elements like love, loss, godfather, rejections, obstacles, and finally victory.
The primary problem with the movie is that the whole plot is rendered in an unconvincing way with no originality at all.

The second fatal flaw is the poor characterization of Aby acted out by Vineeth Sreenivasan. The character doesn’t have a stable build and Vineeth doesn’t fit in it. Most of his gestures, dialogues, responses and even the eye movements lack originality. It looks like he is trying to imitate someone and fails miserably.
Suraj Venjarammood’s character provides some entertainment. The rest just toes the line of an age old feel good movie.

TAIL END: We are soon going to see the double of Aby in Prithwiraj’s Vimanam, which came up as a rival project to Aby.

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