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Pulimurugan: 2.45 Hours Long Nonsense!

Pulimurugan, the latest money minting flick of the over decorated superstar of Mollywood, is a disaster in its overall cinematic output. The over hyped movie fails in its nonsense and outdated storyline itself. Then comes the Mohanlal part. The action sequences performed by the so called Complete Actor doesn't even look like  genuine stunt. He just runs. The rope, stuntmen and special effects do the rest. Even the well acclaimed Peter Hein fails to make the thrills appealing. Unconvincingly shot tiger fights and poor graphics add to the failure.

Little Murugan's performance is good. But, when the tiger hunt begins, everything spills. Mohanlal even kicks down the tiger when he hunts it! A fairytale will be more convincing than the way he hunts a furious man-eater. The fun part is that even the tigers in the movie don't do justice to the money Tomichan spent. But still the crew boasts about its production quality that overrides  Hollywood movies! The most amazing things about Pulimurugan are the mass opinion it generated and the financial success it enjoyed.

With its sex sandwiched dialogues from the opening itself it reminds us of a B-grade movie of the yester years. Namitha's meaty appearance, to just woo the strong hero (Not an aged, obese man:-)), is enough to show the entire level of the artistic value the movie possesses. Hero's better half always wears the same grumpy expression and body language throughout the movie. Pathetic comedians actually irritate the audience.

The well praised action sequences in the climax remind us of Po in the Kung Fu Panda series. Here the hero runs amidst the shower of bullets without a scratch.The potbellied hero crushes the villain and the trained stuntmen with his little knife tied to a thread. It should be a magic weapon. Because the heavy hero relies completely on it when he jumps and flies up by making a small peck on the trees with the knife at the end. A pathetic villain in a weak and nonsense story complete the Udaykrishna and Vysakh effect.

Gopi Sunder makes some usual buzz in the background. Cinematography is in the expectable range.
The best thing they could do in the post production was a close trimming to remove the lagging and boring scenes completely. It would've definitely lightened the junk burden, the screens bear.

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