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Lootera - A Leaf of Love and Life

Lootera Review :

If one day, love comes before you with all its pain and happiness, what will you call it ? Silence... Oh, anyway my answer is Lootera!!

Vikramaditya Motwane is a tested and proven director. You might have seen his 'Udaan'. And now Lootera is here. It is one among the few perfect masterpieces ever produced in Indian Cinema. While you watch Lootera, you may feel that you are reading a Tagorian lyrical outburst.

Lootera says the LOVE story of Varun, a thief and Pakhi, an innocent girl in Bengal. The story happens in the 50's, when the land acquisition law was came into effect.

The whole setting of the movie matches the period. And the plot is not crammed with characters and sub-stories. It is the story of Varun and Pakhi. All other characters are kept away from the spotlight.

Varun had a dream. He wanted to paint a masterpiece before he die. Atlast he paints it. A leaf of love and life, just for her. His Pakhi. Here you can see the most touching adaptation of O. Henry's 'The Last Leaf'.Varun achieves his dream. That too for her. So he has enough reasons to smile at death.

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Lootera says, in a soft voice, that love is life. If you love somebody, you are giving life to him/her. And your life begins there. Pakhi's smile, which you see before the end credits is Varun's love and that love keeps her alive.

Sonakshi Sinha looks prettier than ever before. Can't take your eyes away from her. Pakhi is alive in her hands. Ranveer Singh adds colour to Varun. Their onscreen chemistry has a major role in the movie.

All the technical aspects including cinematography, editing, sound etc are in well sync. Songs and background score are perfect for the mood. vikramaditya Motwane needs a special applause for the flawless art of filmmaking. If I have to point out a negative, I should say, some parts of the movie are bit slow and dragging.

I hope you all might have seen Aamir Khan-Kajol starrer 'Fannaa'. Some narrow shades of similarities can be traced in both. But no comparisons at all.

Lootera is a simple movie.It is the story of Varun and Pakhi and their own love story. Never expect any of our bollywood romantic masalas in it. Lootera is tragic, but leaves you with a smile on your face.

Tail end : When few dew drops glittered in my eyes, I just turned around. Saw a girl sitting in the back row, fighting hard to hide a monsoon of emotions. Lootera...

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