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Review : Immanuel - A String of Advises

Immanuel Malayalam Movie Review :

After the commendable success of  'Ayalum Njanum Thammil', Lal Jose has come up with a disappointing film, 'Immanuel'. With its cliched story-line, characters, scenes, unconvincing twists etc. 'Immanuel' offers nothing interesting. It is a story that revolving around an important theme and that theme is relevant too. The target war in the corporate sector and the Job Killers are new to Malayalam Cinema. But the apt time for the subject was the recession time.

'Immanuel' is the story of a man who is trying spread humanity and generosity even in the corporate sector where targets decide the existence everyone. The script is cliched in its aspect. It fails pathetically to convince the audience. Mammootty dons his run-of-the-mill role of an 'innocent god-man'. That is terribly boring. We have seen Mammootty in similar roles in films like Best Actor, Bavuttiyude Namathil, Palunku and so on. The complete setting of the movie is a fiasco. Fahad Fazil, appearing in a familiar get-up, is also an unconvincing character. But he has taken efforts to make it better within the limitations of the script. 

Performance-wise the cast is good. Cinematography also has its plus points to note. But the film is not  appealing anyway. It is actually a string of advises. Here Lal Jose fails to remember that giving advises is not the function of a movie. A religious talk or moral text is enough for that. A film should be an experience, either visual or conceptual. 

Since the ticket costs some money and the movie lasts for more than two hours, the audience has the minimum right to expect something novel and engaging. At this basic point, 'Immanuel' is a failure. Something is there, but failed to show-off that something. 

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