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Free Download A R Rahman Hits High Quality Lossless FLAC Songs

A R Rahman's music is incomparable. He has blessed generations with his ethereal tunes and soulful renditions. Rahman has introduced a world of music and sound which we never heard before. The depth, quality and feel of his songs started from Yoddha and Roja in 90's and continues. The Oscar winning maestro's magical songs are gems and everybody wants them in high quality. If you want high quality audio, don't go for mp3. It is a highly compressed format to save space. So, you won't get the real essence of any song from mp3 files. Here formats like WAV and FLAC give you the best quality. They are lossless formats and of course heavy in terms storage space needed. But they are the best and very rare on net for free download. Here we have the BEST and ONLY collection of A R Rahman Tamil Hits in Lossless FLAC and WAV formats. Due to the size, we have divided the files into three parts. Click the links below and download the torrent file. Do share the links. Enjoy.

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A R Rahman Tamil Hits Lossless FLAC Songs Part 1

A R Rahman Tamil Hits Lossless FLAC Songs Part 2

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